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John McKean is the Executive Director of the Center for Information Based Competition, which provides thought-leadership to help businesses advance to a mastery level of customer information and interactions ranging from human-to-human to social network/mobile conversations - both as rational consumers and high-order intuitive people. He is frequently called on by the world’s leading businesses to inspire new levels of customer awareness and effectiveness through fact-based insights and a passion for customer excellence. John McKean’s real world customer work is balanced with the academic rigors of guest lecturing at MIT Sloan Graduate School and postgraduate work at Harvard University.


"Managing Customers through Economic cycles"   Business’s greatest customer opportunities and risks are determined by how well customers are managed through economic cycles.  Despite the fact that sixty-five percent of a business’s existence is managing customers in hyper-competitive economic transitions, it is predominated by reactionary approaches and guesswork. Whether it is how consumers change their buying behaviors or how businesses change their spending behavior through economic cycles and transitions, they both are predictable and addressable. This book focuses on the unique business knowledge, skills, and underlying disciplines to enable any business to optimally address these distinct customer opportunities, challenges, and risks created as customers transition through economic cycles.

"Do or Die Relevancy - the Social "Network" Imperative" - For the first time in history, consumers have surpassed corporations in their sophistication with leveraging information and technology. Organizations must cast away the emotional anchors of pursuing and managing customers to an edict of acute listening, transparent collaboration / participation and generous value.  60% of the failures in trying to enter this new world can be traced to applying the old rules of traditional sales and marketing.  40% of the failures can be attributed to under investing in the social marketing support. This is the new business imperative: do or die.

“Customers are People - the Human Touch” is being heralded as a “powerful” and “compelling” work ushering in the new era of customer interaction. McKean reveals how the world’s leading “Human Touch” firms implement the intuitive art of their most successful sales, marketing, and service individuals as a consistent science across business functions...... a science based on our research findings that “70% of the customer’s decision to buy is based on how they are treated as people...”

“Information Masters -Secrets of the Customer Race” is "utterly riveting and very surprising” (Amazon.com.uk), revealing why only 5% of the world’s firms are achieving the full potential of their Customer Relationship Management initiatives.  Information Masters was also awarded the exclusive honor of Wiley Publishing’s “BEST ON THE MARKET” book list along with Wiley’s other high profile list of authors including Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, and Warren Buffett.


Mr. McKean’s experience spans twenty years of operational success in Sales, Marketing, and Service enabled by powerful information capabilities in both the private and public sectors. (See Research for specific companies)

Mr. McKean academic rigors include teaching, studying, and research at some of the world’s top universities. These include: MIT’s Sloan Graduate School of Management - guest lecturer for the application of advanced technologies, Harvard University - Postgraduate International Monetary Economics and Finance with research in international technology transfer, Georgetown University - postgraduate work in international trade, University of New Hampshire - Masters Degree in Business and Marketing, Hartwick College - Undergraduate studies in Economics and Political Science.