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Customer Information Mastery 

7 Competencies of Customer Information Mastery








How we help

We give organizations inspiration, experience, and tools to help achieve customer information mastery.

Our work is based on our 10-year global research study of some of the most well-known customer-intensive organizations in the world who were implementing major sales, marketing, and service initiatives supported by a sophisticated customer information capability.

We tracked the critical customer information factors that most influenced the success and failure of both sales, marketing, and service initiatives. We tracked these informational factors both from a top-down (e.g. leadership, strategy, organizational) and bottom-up (e.g. information content, usage, integration) perspective.

From this knowledge and experience, we developed 3 levels of support for organizations on their road to building a mastery level of customer information to support sales, marketing, and service initiatives.

Level 1 2 hour "Information Master - Secrets of the Customer Race" Research presentation w/ interactive dialog

Level 2 1-3 day Customer Information Mastery Workshop with an output of 60 high impact mastery best practices benchmarked against your organization

Level 3 2-8 week Customer Information Mastery Assessment, Plan and ROI Model with:

  • 215 best practices benchmarked
  • Data content/usage/quality assessment
  • 5-year information mastery roadmap
  • Complete RIO investment model

Customer Information Mastery

  1. We developed a cohesive customer information mastery framework that will help you understand your current state from the details of your data engines to the non-data elements of your information mastery, e.g. people, process, cultural, organizational, leadership, and technological.
  2. This top-down and bottom-up approach is an effective approach to move your organization toward customer information mastery, and customer mastery.


Our Approach:
  • Our principal service is the Customer Information Mastery Assessment and Plan. It enables an organization to assess the effectiveness of its sourcing, management and use of its customer and prospect information, and to take pragmatic steps towards improving its performance in each of these regards.
  • We build Customer Information Plans using a powerful, purpose-built Toolkit, which is founded on a deep insight into best practice in this area. The Customer Information Plans created by this toolkit identify precisely how the client organization can improve its key customer management performance measures, specifically customer retention and acquisition, customer development, and reduction in cost-to-serve.
  • We identify ‘Quick Wins’ in these areas as well as identifying the impact of making combined improvements over time. Importantly, our Customer Information Plans help an organization to project what the likely returns will be from improving usage of customer information. and provide cost-justified business cases for prioritized investments in customer information that support the organization's business goals.


To achieve this, each assessment follows a practical five-step process, whereby it will:

  1. Assess your existing capabilities to understand how effective your customer information sourcing, management and usage is against each of 200 best practices.
  2. Quantify the impact that improvements in each practice will have on retention, acquisition, customer development, marketing spend and operational spend.
  3. Recommend changes to customer information management, identifying what actions will have highest impact on your business goals
  4. Prioritize improvements and identify any linked dependencies.
  5. Measure the Indicative ROI from making the right changes to, and the most effective investments in, customer management.