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What Industry Leaders' say about our work...

"The revolution in information technology is undermining many traditional business models and creates untold confusion. But in confusion lies opportunity. McKean shows how to see past the mesmerizing advances in computers and communications to create a coherent as a strategy that draws on both technological and non-technological capabilities"
Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT Center for Digital Business
You might think it's lack of technology that accounts for your inability to forge stronger, more rational and cohesive relationships with your customers, but John McKean's excellent study shows that technology is likely to be the least of your worries. Information competency is the result of the people you have in place, the processes they follow, the cultural of your firm, and many things other than technology. Don't start your journey toward CRM without reading this book.”
Don Peppers & Martha Rogers, One to One Future/B2B
"One of the greatest business challenges is not a mastery of new technologies, but the creation of a culture able to keep pace and grasp the opportunities these technologies present. This is nowhere better illustrated than in John McKean's pursuit and exploration of that enigma, the profitable customer, through this book information Masters."
Trevor Dukes, Projects and Systems
"Too often, experts in this field can become besotted by technology in both customer and corporate needs become secondary issues. John McKean's book will no doubt draw some criticism from those who are offended from his pragmatism and realism; however, it is they who need to move from product and technology orientation, into a world where our customers share with the corporation, the value that world-class excellent is information management can create. The balance between technology innovation and the customer needs... should inspire all who follow this doctrine toward true mastery of information management."
Michael Coomer, Group Executive Business & Technology
“John illustrates and quantifies a better way to build an information advantage to serve both customers and shareholders"
David Overton, VP, Merchandise Planning
“McKean has nailed it when he forces you to consider and evaluate the other 'stuff' - people, processes, and culture”
John Peterson, VP, Database Marketing
“McKean demonstrates important insights into this important strategy”
Michael Winch, IT Director, Safeway plc
McKean (is) clear...the important word in IT is Information not Technology”
 Roger McArthur, Chief Executive
Legal & General Home"This insightful book gives real world examples as to why...and how to actually implement these powerful but critical approaches."
Rob Strange, Change Director
Scottish Widows“John McKean offers invaluable insight into the real drivers of success which organizations serious about CRM must put in place”
Robert Wyllie BA (Hons)APMI, Head of Business Development
“...reading this book will not only save needless expense, but it will help improve overall focus, marketing productivity, and profit.”
James Bauer, VP, National Consumer Services
“McKean's landmark book offers the best insights I've seen into our biggest challenges for building profitable customer relationships...”
Glen Kaiser, Director of Marketing
"McKean's insights enabled us to move toward true information mastery and customer intimacy"
Paul Rabideau, Director of Marketing Sciences
“John illustrates and quantifies a better way to build an information advantage to serve both customers and shareholders”
Ewan Hutton, Business Development Manager
“McKean provides an insightful and compelling framework...in their pursuit of better understanding and servicing customers."
Roger Elwell, Head - Marketing & Product Dev., Card Services E-Commerce
“John has hit on the true essence of creating profitable customer relationships”
William H. Tallman, General Manager- Strategic Marketing
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