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"...startling research carried out by John McKean..."
"McKean's figures hit a nerve with me..."
"The revelation that customers are human beings with real emotions and feelings seems as outlandish to some firms as employees with real emotions and feelings..."
"John McKean... acknowledging Amazon.com's ability to use previous click history to make purchase suggestions to customers..."
"...a book that combines detailed technical and theoretical information, statistics and a fair degree of common-sense writing"
"John McKean - one of the new gurus of the CRM scene, says this is an issue that has been with us for as long as human beings have been selling goods to one another".
London's top Business Schools acknowledged McKean's best seller as "...a research-based book which shows how rarely marketers examine & understand information"
"The essence of CRM is simple: If a firm can create high, relative customer value consistently and do it efficiently, it will win most if not all battles in its marketplace"
"...his recent surge in popularity is... that his audience recognises some fundamental and simple truths about their business."
Mr. McKean chaired the CRM panel for the world's largest Financial Services Conference - Retail Delivery
"Best session of the conference"
"Debate was lively and informative"
“McKean's stimulating address urged our government CIO's to treat customers with the care... of a friend.”
"Our attendees are still commenting on your speech!"
McKean... an acknowledged expert on CRM
Information Masters...a good read
“American with a vision of customer empowerment”
“This important book..."
"...utterly riveting and very surprising.”
Television Interview “Excellent”
"...beacon to any executive navigating in the thick fog of customer data"
"vouch for the book's underlying message and its prescriptions for success" 

"People skills are back in fashion"
                                              "Buy!"        "Look"        "Buy!"  Bill Gates Business at the Speed of Light.gif (138380 bytes)Tom Peters.gif (9464 bytes)
"McKean agrémente l'ouvrage d'exemples d'établissements qui... ont su devenir les maîtres de l'information. Donc du futur."
"Full of wonderful soundbites"
"If Mrs. Jones walked in wearing her blue dress, the store owner 100 years ago knew she would buy a chocolate cake that day"
"Very strong messages and evidence about how investments in an information culture gives unexpectedly high payback"

"John McKean, Executive Director at the Center for Information Based Competition, opened the seminar with a fantastic presentation entitled The information Race, Payback and its challenges".