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Mr. McKean's recent book - "Customers are People", is being heralded as a "powerful" and "compelling" work ushering in the next era of how customer's buy.

McKean reveals how the world's leading firms implement their art of interacting with customers as people as a consistent science across the entire business...

... a science based on the basic premise that top sales, marketing, and service individuals know and practice intuitively - "70% of the customer's decision to buy is based on how they are treated as people…"

BAI/RDS: World's Largest Financial Services Conference

Best Presentation: "John McKean from the Center for Information Based Competition , whose presentation was titled, 'Why Customers Don't Want Relationships.' This guy must have felt like Gandhi at a Soldier of Fortune rally. But he was factual, he was blunt, and he hit it right on the screws, as we say on the golf course.  For my money, the best presentation of the week"  -  Compared with 54 presentations including keynotes from Richard Branson (Virgin), Lou Gerstner (ex-IBM CEO), Jamie Dimon (CEO Bank One), and Larry Bossidy (ex.-CEO Honeywell).
800 seat lecture hall with 1000 delegates (200 delegates standing)

His prior book, "Information Masters -Secrets of the Customer Race", the "utterly riveting and very surprising" (Amazon.com UK book review) international best-seller, revealing why only 5% of the world's firms are achieving the full potential of their Customer Relationship Management initiatives.

Mr. McKean delivered the Keynote Address for The Economist Conference on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Europe.  The Economist is the largest international business journal in the world with over 600,000 subscribers world-wide.

“John’s keynote was clearly the high point of the conference” - Delegate
“You were excellent. You received the best grades of content and presentation. Nobody scored that high.” - Conference Manager

Words used to describe his speaking style are "Sobering, Intoxicating, Stout, Eye opening…” 

October 15th, the BBC hosted best selling author John McKean in front of 7 million, recognizing him as an “acknowledged expert” in the entire relationship between business and the consumer.

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ABC News (Good Morning America), SKY Business News, The Sunday Times, and CIO Magazine have all recognized Mr. McKean's unique "beyond-the-hype" customer insights as both inspiring and pragmatic for the new customer millennium.  He is one the leading speakers on the subject of customer relationships, value and building the supporting information competency.

Mr. McKean has also been awarded the exclusive honor of Wiley Publishing's "BEST ON THE MARKET" book list.