Workshops and Facilitations

Our workshops provide assistance in creating awareness and motivation, identifying key strengths and opportunities, and building customer oriented action plans that support our core research finding - 70% of the customer’s buying decision, and their perception of service levels & brand, is based on how “human” (as a person) they feel they have been treated, i.e. it’s not how well a business markets, sells, and services a customer, but how such initiatives makes the customer as a person "feel" that determines customer buying behavior and service perceptions.  Organizations use one type or a combination of workshop types to meet their particular situation. All workshops’ designs are customized to the specific needs, culture, and expectations of the individual organization.

Awareness - Motivation Workshops (Marketing/Sales/Service):

  • Are held with groups from any organizational level, from senior executives to front line employees

  • Are held with in-tact work teams, one business unit, or with cross-functional groups

  • Are focused on sharing the center’s research findings and having participants see how it applies to their organization.

Identifying Strengths and Opportunities Workshops (Marketing/Sales/Service):

  • Are usually held with middle managers and/or frontline employees.

  • Are held with one business unit or with cross-functional groups

  • Are focused on gathering feedback from employees directly engaged with the business of servicing customers

Action Planning Workshops (Marketing/Sales/Service):

  • Are usually held with senior or middle managers

  • Are held with an in-tact work or project team, with one business unit, or with a cross-functional group

  • Are focused on developing a structured action plan that will increase the organization's ability to treat Customers as People

We also help organizations with their facilitation needs by (Marketing/Sales/Service):

  • Facilitating any of the CIBC Customers As People workshops

  • Working with in-house facilitators to transfer Customers as People skills into in-house programs and facilitation

  • Facilitating in-house training or sessions